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Flat-Rate Discount
Merchant Card Processing

Processing credit and debit cards are a part of doing business, but the high costs don’t have to be! Embassy is proud to be the only local bank to offer Flat Rate Merchant Card Processing. Defined by convenience, simplicity, and a flat discount rate, our customer-focused approach means real benefits for your business.

Merchant Card Features

  • Next day availability
  • No tiered rates
  • No transaction fees
  • No application fees
  • Easy to understand monthly statements

PLUS! With Embassy’s Merchant Card services, you can process through:

  • Latest, up-to-date EMV terminals
  • Virtual terminals for PC or laptop
  • Mobile processing for iOS or Android devices
  • E-commerce solutions including gateways and shopping cart
  • Recurring Payment Options

How much are you paying in card processing fees?

It can be a challenge to get an accurate picture of the cost on your own. A great rate doesn’t tell the whole story. Hidden fees may be eating away at your profits.

Contact us today for a Free Card Processing Cost Analysis. We’ll be able to quickly show you exactly what you’re paying and how you can reduce those costs.

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Payment Card Products

With the Embassy Bank VISA Credit Card and MasterCard Debit Card, your business will have the purchasing power you need.

VISA® Business Credit Card

  • Accepted everywhere VISA is accepted
  • Rewards/Non-Rewards cards available
  • Individual and central bill accounts
  • Comprehensive cardholder and paper statements
  • Manage user spending limits and profiles

Or call 610-882-8800 to speak to an Embassy Bank customer service specialist.

MasterCard Business Debit Card

  • Flexible, secure alternative for cash or checks
  • Set individual user controls and track expenses/deductions
  • Use everywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • 24/7 account access via ATM’s
  • Linked directly to your Embassy Bank Business Checking account

Or call 610-882-8800 to speak to an Embassy Bank customer service specialist.