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Payables Management

Wire Transfers

Send funds electronically anywhere in the United States or Internationally.

  • Easy and secure method to transfer funds.
  • Fast communication into the FedWire system.
  • Real-time payment system.

ACH Origination - Payments

Use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network to make regular, recurring Vendors Payments or for Direct Deposit of Payroll.

  • Reduces check issuing, distribution and storage costs.
  • Eliminates risks associated with paper checks.
  • Reduces processing and reconciliation time.
  • Helps protect confidentiality of payroll.
  • Ensures pay availability even when ill, on vacation or traveling.

ACH Protection Service

Reduce potential fraud and protect your account from unauthorized ACH transactions

  • ACH Block – returns all ACH transactions and prevents them from posting to an ACH blocked account.
  • ACH Filter – allow authorized ACH transactions from acceptable originators.
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