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Receivables Management

Wholesale Lockbox

Convert your company’s receivables into available cash quickly and efficiently utilizing Embassy Bank’s Wholesale Lockbox Services. Your receivables are picked up, processed and deposited by Embassy Bank on a daily basis. Using our Lockbox Service can accelerate the receipt of funds for earlier investment, disbursement or debt reduction.

  • Process your low volume, high dollar deposits.
  • Reduce mail, processing and availability float.
  • Eliminate unnecessary daily deposit trips to the bank.
  • Utilize staff for more important functions and duties.

ACH Origination - Collection

Use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network to collect recurring payments from customers, Preauthorized Payments or to concentrate company funds deposited at other Financial Institutions using Cash Concentration.

  • Expedites the receipt of payments.
  • Enhances cash flow.
  • Reduces mail & check float.
Contact Dave Arner, CTP, Vice President,
Commercial Services, at 484-821-1201.
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