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Embassy Bank Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Embassy Bank different from the other banks in the Lehigh Valley?

Embassy Bank is a true community bank; owned, managed and operated by residents of the Lehigh Valley to serve their community. Embassy Bank is a state-chartered, FDIC-insured, full-service community bank. The bank provides each customer with a level of one-to-one personal service that we believe is not currently available from any other banking institution in the Lehigh Valley.

What is Banking Without Borders?

Banking Without Borders is the philosophy developed and utilized by Embassy Bank to provide our customers, employees and shareholders with the most convenient, friendly, courteous, professional, successful and supportive banking experience possible. Read our full Banking Without Borders philosophy statement to find out more.

How long does Embassy Bank expect to remain independent?

The Embassy Bank board is committed to maintaining Embassy Bank with a continuing local influence and local ownership. Embassy Bank has been created to serve a local need for banking services, products and lending decisions based on local trends. That need exists now and will continue to exist into the future.

Where are decisions made?

Banking decisions are made locally, right in the center of the Lehigh Valley, by a professional team of bankers and board members who also reside in this community.

What is the area that the bank services?

Embassy Bank serves the people and businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley.

What types of products and services are offered?

Embassy Bank provides a complete range of full-service banking products and services for individuals and businesses in the Lehigh Valley. At Embassy Bank, we have designed our products and services with our customers in mind – traditional products delivered in a high-tech, highly personal manner. At Embassy Bank, you should expect to find non-traditional services offered by the most customer service-oriented banking team in the Valley.

How can I start a career with Embassy Bank?

Embassy Bank accepts career applications anytime. For more information on the type of professionals we are seeking, check our Careers section.

How do I report a lost/stolen credit or debit card?

For a commercial credit card, call 1-800-325-3678. For personal and commercial debit cards, call 1-800-472-3272.

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