Tired of Big-Banks Playing
Chicken with Your Money?

Henpecked by big bank monthly checking fees?
Take flight to Embassy Bank and protect your hard-earned
nest egg with Free Checking For Life.

  • No minimum balance requirement, Ever.

  • No monthly service charges, Ever.

  • No check fees.

  • No Embassy Bank fees for ATM withdrawals
    made at ATMs not owned or operated by
    Embassy. (Fees may be assessed by the ATM
    operator or network owner.)

  • No Debit/ATM Card fees and no fees for
    purchases made with the card.

  • No fees for phone banking or
    internet banking.


In just one visit, we'll get all of your automatic payment accounts switched over to your new FREE Checking for Life account Social Security, payroll, utility bills, everything. Embassy's exclusive Concierge Banking is fast, secure and, just like your new checking account, Free as a Bird!

Embassy Bank

(610) 882-8800 embassybank.com

7 Offices Valleywide:
Allentown Bethlehem And now in Greater Easton