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Uncommon Mortgage®
Common Sense. Uncommon Service.

The Unique Way to Buy or Refinance

Buy or refinance a home without the hassle and extra costs of traditional banks and mortgage companies. You'll work with your own personal LOCAL lender, who's both knowledgeable and committed to looking out for your best interest. What can you expect?

Less Cost:

Common mortgages are often riddled with fees that add costs without adding value.

Save thousands over the life of your mortgage with:

  • No application fees
  • No PMI
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Competitive rates and biweekly payments

Less Paperwork:

Common mortgages are sold off by their banks and brokers, so they require much more documentation from Federal agencies.

Embassy Bank's Uncommon Mortgages are never sold, so you will enjoy:

  • Streamlined process
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Fast decision-making

Less Stress:

Common mortgages are stressful. Unresponsive lenders, last minute requirements and missed settlement dates are now the norm.

Escape the stress of the common mortgage with:

  • Your loan will not be sold!
  • On time, every settlement
  • No last minute surprises

Are You a First-Time Home Buyer?

There are many things to consider before you begin your journey to home ownership. Embassy Bank's First-Time Home Buyer resources help provide you with valuable insights on lenders, cost calculations, realtors, and more.

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So what makes an Embassy Mortgage so uncommon?

Embassy Bank isn't like other banks, so it comes as no surprise that our mortgages are in a class of their own.

No PMI with as Little as 10% Down.

Put your money toward paying off your mortgage, not insurance.

Your Loan Is Never Sold. EVER.

Your mortgage will not end up with a bank you don't know and didn't choose.

Low Bank Fees.

We keep the process simple and the costs low to save you money.

Biweekly Payments at No Extra Cost.

Save thousands on interest and pay your home off sooner!

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Lot Loans

Have you found the perfect spot to build your dream home? Use Embassy Bank’s unique Lot Loan to secure that perfect location! Or, if you already own your lot, take advantage of this great product with a simple refinance process.


  • Up to 80% financing available
  • For personal purpose lots of 5 acres or less
  • Quick and easy application
  • Minimal paperwork required
  • Monthly and biweekly terms available
  • Save money at closing with Embassy Bank’s limited lender costs
  • No pre-payment penalty

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Bridge Loans

Is timing an issue when selling your old home and buying your new one? An Embassy Bank Bridge Loan allows you to tap into your home’s equity before it’s sold.


  • Up to 90% financing available
  • Quick and easy application with minimal paperwork required
  • Interest-only payments

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